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Arkmiido kids easel, Double-Sided Drawing Board,wooden art easel for kids ,Whiteboard & Chalkboard Easel with Eraser & Pack of Chalks and Cognitive stickers for 3+ years Boys and Girls. (2021NEW)


Short Description:

  • 【A drawing board with multiple functions】 Childrens magnetic board easel can be used with two children; Both sides of the board can use the magnetic patch, the digital patch and the cartoon pattern are more interesting to play; the design can put the scroll paper and can be painted with a pencil.
  • 【Size】 Sketchpad: 17.7*17.7 inches (45*45 cm); writable area: 15.4*15.4 inches (39*39 cm). Height: up to 43.3 inches (110 cm) and minimum 22 inches (55.88 cm). 30-45 inches tall (80-110cm)
  • 【Bonus Accessories 】It consists of a set of digital and alpha cognitive magnetic plates, a set of cartoon animal magnetic patches, a box of 3 dust-free chalks (protecting baby’s breathing safety), a dual-purpose eraser, a measuring ruler, and a chalk cover ( Not dirty fingers)
  • 【Preferred New Zealand imported raw materials】 Our kids chalk boards is made of imported New Zealand pine wood. The material is harder, will not crack, increase the service life, the surface varnish coating, smooth and not hurt. It is also not easy to mold and odorless in a humid environment. The drawing board bracket is upgraded and thickened by 30mm, and has strong bearing capacity. (Only Allow Adult Assemble)
  • 【Notice】Please keep in mind that the blackboard is for chalk only. The whiteboard can only be written with a whiteboard pen. Do not draw on the whiteboard with a marker or a watercolor pen, otherwise it cannot be erased. Please peel off the protective film before use.

Product Detail

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  • This child is at this age. When he begins an unconstrained idea and expresses a strong desire to paint, the child's multi-functional easel can help solve the child's graffiti problem and stimulate creativity and imagination.
  • Unique advantages: high-quality imported raw materials New Zealand pine processing transparent protective paint, exquisite workmanship, retaining the nature of the logs, each piece of wood material has been carefully selected, log processing, avoiding the use of synthetic compressed wood, the surface is sprayed with transparent protective paint, will The original combination of the original color of the drawing board and nature exudes a natural intimate atmosphere. After the precision polishing of our drawing board, it is smooth and will not hurt your hand. It is safer and has a longer service life.

Accurate measurement

  • Arkmiido drawing board has been accurately measured to ensure that the drawing board is more stable during use and will not affect the child's interest in painting.

High quality New Zealand pine wood

  • Ordinary wood is prone to mildew and has a short service life. Because it is made of synthetic wood, it is unstable and easy to damage. ARKMIIDO easels for art is made of high quality imported pine wood. The raw materials are processed and the service life is up to several years. The surface varnish coating will not mold. Deterioration.

No dust chalk

  • The gifted chalk is safer and has the following advantages:
  • 1.No dust
  • 2. Colorful
  • 3. Water soluble formula, wet writing wet wipe
  • 4. Suitable for children

Dustproof polymer layer

  • 99% dustproof on the board surface, no dust and no dust, nano-closed layer, firmly hold the particles

chalk board for kids with multiple functions

  • The side of the wooden easel is a blackboard that can be drawn, written and calculated in chalk. Click On the other side is a whiteboard with a whiteboard pen. Create more space for your child's imagination. It can also be used with the top paper roll (14.6 inches) for painting; the craft paper is placed in the middle. More creative games.

Roll reel design for roll paper

  • If your child likes to paint, you can put the roll paper on the reel, put the drawing board at the right height, and give full play to your child's imagination, suitable for outdoor sketching.

Bonus Accessories

Product Size Sketchpad size: 17.7 * 17.7 inches (45 * 45 cm) Writable area: 15.4 * 15.4 inches (39 * 39 cm) Height: 43.3 inches (110 cm) Suitable for: children aged 2-9 This package includes: 1 * Whiteboard and blackboard easel 1 *Color magnetic letters and math set 1 * ruler 3 * dust-free chalk 1 *Whiteboard wipe 6 * magnetic cartoon sticker 1 * chalk pen set 1 *Instruction manual

Paint the easel for your favorite color

  • Developing DIY art styles can be used to give your child a colorful graffiti with a wooden graffiti. We maintain the color of the logs, and many customers like unique colors and give their children a unique gift.
  • Purchase Notes:
  • 1.There are transparent protective films on both sides of the easel. Please remove them before use.
  • 2. Do not use an unerasable pen to write on the whiteboard to avoid erasure.
  • 3. When writing with dust-free chalk, clean the cardboard with a damp cloth and do not wipe it with a blackboard.
  • Caveat! Due to the risk of some small accessories and suffocation, children under 36 months of age should be used under the supervision of an adult.

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